Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Now this one I found on the net. It is all the SAME house. HOLY FREAKING XMAS OVERLOAD!

Snow White's Birds are Helping!

I am still trying to decide if this is a flop or not. Its different and its kinda fun, and I just thought I would share it. Its a neat idea....not one I want in my house.....but worth sharing. It kind of gives me that "Snow White" vibe when the birds are flying around and cleaning with her...

Wow.....Just.....Ummm... WOW!

I am speechless. I really am. And it takes a LOT to make me speechless. These were also posted on a public forum and both belong to the same family.
Oh and btw.... when did the tradition become to have several trees in your house? Its kind of a neat thing to do if you have room for it. But if you can't decorate very well, then you just have multiple eyesores in your house.

Lovely Close Up of the Top!

Same Household as Disney Tree...

Next up, we have from the same household that had that wonderful Disney Tree (I found both of these posted on a message board).
This is when the angels threw up on their tree. These people do seem to have a thing for completely covering their tree so you have no idea what is underneath.

Xmas Tree Flops!

First off we have a tree that looks like the Disney Store threw up on it! Now seriously, I love Disney. I love Mickey and friends, but this is just nasty!


I am a HUGE fan of Cake Wrecks, failblog, awkward family photos, etc... and I wanted to create a blog of 'Festive Flops'.
What is a festive flop? Well anything to do with a Holiday that is....well... a FLOP!
I have seen some really NASTY Xmas Trees, and thought I would start with some of those.
I will post a few of my fave flops and hope you will also send me some of your faves!
Please send me flops from ANY Holiday (not just Xmas season!).

Thanks for reading!